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Templates for printing your own calendars!

"How do I? . . ." -or- "Frequently Asked Questions:"

How do I customize the look of the calendar (fonts, style, etc.)?
Where can I get prior/next month thumbnails?
How do I insert my pictures?
What about credits, copyright & my finishing touches?
What kind of paper should I use for printing?
How do I print the Wall version?  The Desk version?
How do I bind the pages?
Where do I punch a hole for hanging?
What can I re-distribute?

  • To customize the calendar, open in MS Word '97 or later.  You will find a title page, picture pages (empty), and month pages.   Make any adjustments to fonts, styles or margins that you wish, and make sure one month still fits on a page.

  • Thumbnails (tiny versions of the months) for pasting in the corners of preceding and subsequent months, are available free by downloading the weekly desk calendar template.

  • To insert pictures - this depends on the version . . .
    • For Wall version, place cursor at beginning of caption line, and wither use PASTE, PASTE-SPECIAL, or INSERT-FROM-FILE.  Once inserted, size picture by clicking and dragging the corner, and adjust so that it fits and does not re-align calendar pagination.
    • For Desk version, select and delete the carriage returns above the caption and put your image there.

  • Finishing touches - in either version, be sure to adjust all captions, and replace "your name here" with your name in the credits and copyright notice.

  • For paper, I suggest HP brochure paper, double sided glossy, about $20 for 50 sheets at Office Depot, and thick enough (barely) for a hanging wall calendar.  Most other paper is too pricey.  You can use card stock, but photos will be somewhat dull.  The HP paper is item # C6817A, UPC 8886988577.  I found it online at evergreennetworks.net and also at atyouroffice.com in their HP paper section.

  • To print Wall version, print odd pages using black and white.  Turn paper over and print even pages using color.  Hey, try this on a 2 or 4 page print to figure paper orientation!  If printer tends to mis-feed single sheets, you'll have to stand over it and feed them by hand.

  • To print Desk version, remove the first page - the one that says "remove before printing."  The purpose of this page is only to force the 2-up display within MS Word to show facing pages, rather than a page and its back.  Then CUT your paper in two, so you have 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 sheets, and feed these vertically.  You can do the odd/even thing as above, but printing the whole thing in color (layout is for a pic on back of a pic, so there is less show-thru, and some variety in the pages).  Or you can print 2 page groups and hand feed the pages to group color and black & white printing tasks.

  • Binding with a spiral as shown is available at Kinko's for about $5.  Any office services outfit should be able to provide this service.  Be sure that it will hang fully open (i.e. lay flat).  Clear plastic front and back covers add durability, especially for hanging.

  • Hole for hanging may be punched with a hand-held paper hole punch.  Determine hole position for level calendar hanging with half the pages on top and half on bottom if using spiral binding.  The reason for this is the the spiral offsets the pages slightly as they are turned, and you want the calendar on average to hang as evenly as possible.

  • Re-distribution - If you used our full-calendar templates, please distribute only the printed calendars.  If you used only our free templates and made modifications to the layout, etc., then it is yours from that point on and you can do whatever you want with it.  Naturally we'd appreciate you telling your friends where you got the idea. 
Thanks, and happy calendaring!



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