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MediaComm Softwarepresents: MyCustomCalendars.com
Templates for printing your own calendars!

FREE Templates - These are perfect for making your own calendars, experimenting with fonts & layout, easy to re-work for future years.  Each template contains one month representative of all the layout required, along with a title page.  Just cut and paste, edit dates for other months.

NOTE: These files were produced using Word on a PC.  Users say they can be loaded on a Mac, but may need some adjustment to fit on a print page.  This is because the graphics scale differently on a Mac.

Prior Year Templates:
  • 2007 Wall Calendar Template
  • 2007 BiWeekly Desk Planner . (thanks to K. Peterson!)

  • 2006 Wall Calendar Template
  • 2006 BiWeekly Desk Planner Template (thanks to K. Peterson!)

  • 2004 Wall Calendar Template
  • 2004 Biweekly Desk Planner Template

  • 2003 Wall Calendar Free Template .zip file (89.7k)
  • 2002 Wall Calendar Free Template .zip file (115k)

  • 2002 Wall Calendar - German Version

  • .zip file (116k) - courtesy of Ralf von Brocken
  • 2002 Desk Calendar Free Template .zip file (61kb)
  • 2001 Wall Calendar Free Template .zip file (90k)

  • 2001 Desk Calendar Free Template .zip file (50kb)

  • Next/Previous month Thumbnails for any year (1mb)

  • ALTERNATIVE TEMPLATES: I keep an eye on commercial photo sites and with the demise of Yahoo Photos last year moved all my online photos to Shutterfly.  It seemed to be the easiest to use.  Shutterfly has a very similar online calendar template.  At home my ink & paper cost to print a calendar is about $20, the same as Shutterfly's cost, and having the spiral binding done is about the same as shipping cost.  And the time investment is much less, so this year I'm trying out their service

  • MAKING YOUR OWN TEMPLATES: This has become fairly easy since enough prior templates are available that any year you want is probably the same as one of them.  Only the phases of the moon and moveable holidays like Easter would need to be changed.  See calendar resources on home page for lunar and holiday information.  In some cases a leap year will spoil part of the year, but you can just copy March through December from another year that matches what you need.

  • Thanks to everyone who has expressed an interest in this site.  Please continue to patronize MyCustomPrints, Jake and I are still in business though we advertise less.  If any of you want to send me a 2008 template with the holidays updated I'll be happy to post it.

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 wall version - photos not incl.

 desk version - photos not incl.

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