E-Card Samples 

NOTE: If a card says "ready-to-run", anyone can download and use it immediately.
If it says "user sample" you need to first obtain the E-Card software (demo available).

 Special Card Seasons:

Valentine & Relationship: click here (2 user samples + 2 free ready-to-run e-cards + 2 free animated gif's) Christmas & Holiday: click here (3 user samples + 3 free ready-to-run e-cards)

 Guest Authors:

Gettin' Antsy: click here (free ready-to-run get-well card from Suzanne McCabe & friends) Some Days Go Splat: click here (user sample, enjoy Aris Bartee's excellent graphics and gen-x sense of humor!)

Card of the month samples:  (user samples - you must have the program or download the demo)

June - Tropical Isle & Hula Girl for Dad's Day (animated preview) April - An Easter Egg Goes Hunting!
March - Lucky Shamrock (1 user & 1 free version, animated preview) February - Valentine Clones! Huge Kisses! (2 user cards, 2 free animated gifs, 2 ready-to-run cards, animated preview)
October - Harvest Ghoul... November - Dinner with Squeeky!
January - Birthday Wish Backfires! December - '97 feature: Tree+Santa+Snowman - also other new cards and old favorites!

Animated GIF Samples:(free, ready-to-use)

  Click on image at left , then select File | Save As to keep on disk.  View with Netscape 2.0 & up, or Internet Explorer 3.0 & up.  Use the include image feature of your web page builder, or HTML like this:  <IMG SRC=ucons.gif>

Registered User & CD-ROM Samples:  When you register, you have access to all the samples in the demo.  The CD-ROM has more samples.  Some of the available samples...

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