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Zip-n-Go - Detailed Info & Product Support


Flash sync scans multiple project folders at the push of a single button & synchronizes them with a collection of zip files on a flash card, floppy, zip disk or a network.   Perfect if you use more than one computer!(will also sync folders)

Clone & transfer your bookmarks (favorites), address book, spelling dictionary, QuickenTM data, mail folders & mail identities to other computers you use, such as a laptop!  -  Clone Wizard automatically finds the special Windows files & folders, Flash Sync does the transfer

Find & transfer your stuff easily!
Split & merge files of any type. Can make self-assembling file parts.
This is a binary file splitter for the purpose of storing large files on separate disks, NOT a video or audio editor

Encrypt files, even lock them to a particular hard drive.

Copy & set file dates, make the date of a file meaningful to you, not the OS.

Modify binary files, change messages in your favorite program if you want!

View folder sizes and print folder content listings, make self-extracting 'exe' filesDrag & drop, cut & paste or pushbutton zipping & unzipping. Run programs in zip files.  Install programs from zipfiles, etc.  Choice of file select styles, font sizes, and two-sided screen vs. single-window container view.

$7.95 for full registration -Free! zip/unzip forever! - clone/sync feature subject to 30 day trial

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Download Now for Win XP/2k/98/95 - 783kb, 30 day eval. (zip/unzip never expires)
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Get ZIP-N-GO plus Referee, Scrap, TextFind & DinnerBell in a single download - or on CDROM - click here


Change history...

In release 4.0

In release 3.5:

In release 3.10-12:

In release 3.08: In release 3.07: In releases 3.05-3.06: In release 3.0: In release 2.9: In releases 2.81-2.89:

Frequently Asked Questions / Tech Support
Here are actual un-edited user questions of general interest:

(1) WHERE TO ENTER CODE:  I am not sure where I enter code?? I keep getting the page that asks for my credit card info and I already paid??

From menus select help, then select about/register and enter code in space as shown in figure at left.


(2) REMOVE RIGHT-CLICK MENUS:  Is there any way to remove the Zip-N-Go options from the right click menus if that option was mistakenly selected upon installation?  I tried to uninstall the software and that didn't work.

Earlier versions than 2.85 had a bug in the uninstall.  Download new version above & run configure menus option.
Note:  on Win/ME and later, Microsoft seems to have fixed the problem with the Office shortcut bar.
(3) ASKING FOR CODE AGAIN:  I reloaded my disk after a system crash, and now Zip-n-Go is asking for the code again.  I have reports due tomorrow that I need to unzip right away.  Please help!
The registration information is stored on your hard drive, and might be destroyed in certain types of crashes, or if you migrate to a new computer.  When you first register Zip-n-Go it will offer to make a backup disk from which you can reload without a code.  You should do this to avoid the above problem.  It gives you permanent access.

If you didn't make the backup disk, you will have 30 days in which to write me for a new code.  While your registration never expires once entered, there are time limitations on entry to prevent code theft.  If somehow the 30 days goes by unnoticed, versions 2.84 and later have emergency unzip built-in that never expires.  You also get a new 30 day period by downloading a later version than the one you have.  Or you can use the unzip-only tool above.

(4) PLAYING SPLIT FILES:  I split a video file & only the first part will play.
Zip-n-Go splits files only for the purpose of storing them on separate disks.  The files must be re-assembled to be launched or played or opened with an application.  Try using Virtual Dub to split video files into playable parts.
OTHER QUESTIONS:  There are frankly not many questions on this software.  It has evolved over many years to make most things obvious to the user.  Every time I get a question I try to improve the program.  If your question is not listed above, and you checked in the help file & it's not there, then write me.  If you have questions about your payment, write the agent through which you paid.  Write me only if you paid directly to MediaComm (  If you are looking for the old 16 bit Windows 3.1 version, click here.

WARRANTY:  The software is available on a 30-day fully functional try-before-buy basis, and refunds after purchase are not available (same as buying software or music from a store - once the wrapper is off, it's yours).  Always try software before you buy it.  Resist the "buy-now" buttons that agents will tempt you with, as they take away your flexibility.  You can give proper credit to an agent that helped you find the software by selecting that agent on the purchase options page after trying out the software.

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