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MOVIES - Recent favorite movies include Failure to Launch, in which I found the romance with the bipolar sidekick more interesting than the main story, and Lake House, I'm a sucker for romance and time travel.  Some of my all time favorites include:

TV - The only TV show left that I really care about is SG-1, which has a theme of personal evolution (ascension) through alternate paths of positive (from within or freely exchanged) or negative (taken from others under false pretenses) energy exchange similar to that described in the Celestine Prophecy (a tedious storyline, but powerful concepts).  SG-1 is the longest running (10 seasons) sci-fi drama of all time.  The future of the 11th season is currently in doubt.

STORIES - For a tiny sample of my fav stories, click here.

BOOKS - Time Enough for Love by Robert Heinlein.  Like I said, I'm a sucker for time travel and romance.  But there is also the story of Dora around which the book revolves, and the idea that Lazarus is free to spend a lifetime as easily as a night, yet he is not immune to the emotional effects.  Another often overlooked gem of sci-fi's golden age involving love and time travel is Asimov's The End of Eternity, which sets up the universe in which Asimov's better known Foundation and Robot series exist.  As long as I'm mentioning time travel romances there's the grandaddy of them all, H. G. Wells' The Time Machine.

Then there is The Golden Ass by Lucius Apulieus, written in the 2nd century AD by a pagan priest and surprisingly modern.  Three chapters in the book form the oldest recounting of the story of Cupid and Psyche, which explicitly forms the basis of several French fairy tales, including Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty, and the German version of Cinderella, Ashenputtle.

A few other novels are Ernest Hemingway's The Garden of Eden, and F. H. Burnett's The Secret Garden.  Hmm... two garden books, not sure what that means.  And one more sci-fi book, The Witches of Karres by James H. Schmitz.  I guess some of my current friends must remind me of the charming young witches in this book!

Essential non-fiction:
PHOTOS - You can see some more photos in my yahoo albumn.

WRITING - I'm working on some books.  Have done two chapters of "The Lopsided Money Tree" on the economic myths of our age, and most of the intro to "Canaanites Into Christians."  "Eros" in its 3rd draft reveals new meaning in the story of Cupid & Psyche.

WEBSITES - Click on the logo above for complete list.

Always looking to meet interesting people when traveling.  Drop me a note.  I went skiing a couple of times in the spring, to the NSREC conference in Florida (not as much fun as last year in Seattle), and recently spent a couple of days in San Jose and hiked in Alum Rock park.  Soon it will be time to start thinking about skiing again.  : )

MUSIC - I like just about everything from buzz to country, punk to classical.  Last year I wrote and produced some punk funk music with edgy lyrics.  If you dare, listen to these samples:
PERSONAL - Spent a lot of time with Meridith over the summer.  I perked her up out of a funk and then her former boyfriend reclaimed her.  Jennifer, the girl I wrote Play Love about, has moved north of town, is going to school and is now married to a Russian boy!  Stacey, the young girl in the early 2006 photos, is bipolar and eventually was just angry all the time.  Recently made a cool new friend who is quite a photographer.  We are hanging out occasionally, it's not a dating thing.  Her myspace site is here.

FAMILY - I have one sister and a 4 year old nephew.  See pic at right.

OTHER SOCIAL - Sometimes hang out with Mike, my office mate, who likes cool music and has a new boat (see pics right).  

DANCING - Have gotten back into West Coast Swing/Whip dancing in a big way lately, and am a member of SWWC.  I also like C&W and Salsa.

I am an intellectual Jungian pagan.  God is neither one nor male.  For a short intro listen to the first couple of minutes of Marija Gimbutas: Age of the Great Goddess.1   I also feel people we meet are not random, but often have some message for us, a sort of scaled down version of the ideas in the Celestine Prophecy.

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me going for a ride on Mike's boat

my office mate Mike

I'm the guy in the red shirt.
Lee plays guitar.  Dusty is the engineer
and also plays bass & other stuff.

  nephew Talmadge in 2004

My  last girlfriend Meridith in an old publicity photo
she's an aerobics instructor, among other things,
and resumed teaching classes as we had a fun, inspiring summer.
Rejuvenated, she went back to a former boyfriend, go figure!

Me & Stacey, her daughter Kaylee & grandma Eva on right. . . I guess I was crazy to think I could get this girl  : )  but I gave it my best shot and we had a spring fling, the highlight of which was a family outing to Las Vegas in March, which also marked the beginning of our decline.  Photos from the trip are here.

my sister Pauline & nephew Talmadge,  Easter, 2006

this is my only sibling and her only child
I would like to have a few kids of my own!

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