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Desktop Referee 3.04
This file umpire can associate multiple applications with a file type, and make them play fair.  Monitor the file registry, export & import associations, and repair broken file types.

Tired of hunting through file open menus?  Referee lets you associate multiple applications with a file, and access them all right from Windows File Explorer!  Drag a file and its apps into Referee window, and right click menus like the ones below will instantly appear!

Tired of apps taking over your favorite file types? Throw a penalty flag and set 'em back!  Referee guards the system registry against hostile file takeovers from new apps, giving you the option which app should be primary, adding the other as a secondary association.  An essential file management tool, Referee can resolve file conflicts and make your work easier!

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Two features now free:  Referee allows you to keep and use all associations that you make indefinitely, even if you allow the program to expire.  It also will let you keep and use the registry guard feature free indefinitely.  30 day free trial on other features. Only $14.95 for full registration.  265 KB download.  For site license or CDROM availability and pricing see ordering and select the "direct from MC1Soft" option.

Version 3.02-3 can repair many common file types to "virgin installation" condition.

Version 3.01 can Export & Import file associations, even to another computer!  It can change file icons, rename right-click menu items, and create/edit special application options,   It also cleans up orphaned associations.   Recent versions have improved shortcut resolution and are able to change the new "hard-to-change file associations" used by Office 2000/XP to link most graphics files exclusively to Microsoft's image editor. Full support for Windows XP / 2000 / ME.

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