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MC-Tools Productivity Suite -  easy to use / low cost / in business since 1994

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Whether you are mailing a file or have an important appointment, MC-Tools makes your computing life easier and more productive.  And for expert users, get the control and power over apps and data you've always wanted.  Don't delay, try it today!

1.75mb - $29.95 registration - 30 day eval. - many free capabilities yours to keep
includes all apps shown below, plus MC-Run space saving shortcut
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All apps now compatible with Windows 7

Zip-n-Go Clone wizard finds special Windows folders (mail, fav's, etc.) - uses flash cards or networks to synchronize projects on your second computer or laptop! - Easy to use and sophisticated.  Compares folders to find changed, added or duplicated files - view & manage - ideal for making backups or merging backups.  Automatically compares a list of zipfiles to the folders they came from and freshens them.  Records folder paths for easy transfer of data to another computer.  Gives you complete control over multiple projects and multiple machines - home - office - vacation home - laptop - be free!  Try our best selling app. today!

Referee Now repairs many types of file association problems! - Allows multiple apps to "own" a file type, and select among them with right-click explorer menus.  Scans registry to solve problem of hostile file takeovers when installing new software.  Sells like hotcakes in Europe... discover this wonderful utility now for yourself !

Text Find ! Now does find & replace! - Searches inside multiple files for a text string - provides for easy opening of found files, saving search results, aborting searches, etc.  Perfect for finding and changing links or other info in web pages, scripts, program files, etc.

SCRAP -  Place text scraps on desktop - fix text formatting, like cleaning up mail forwards and changing case - provides auto-save and auto-naming - a useful distinct category for organizing quotes, clips, thoughts, etc. Retains open scraps even if system crashes. New in version 2.0... color & font selection - re-format mail forwards - auto topic indexing - reminders! - file & web links - many cool features!

Dinner Bell - Dinner Bell plays such clever little multi-media alarms (3 samples included) that your train of thought will break long enough to realize you really do have to go pick up your kids at school, or get ready for that appointment.

HexView binary (hexadecimal) as well as ASCII contents of files.  Version 2.0 has search feature, improved conversions & scrolling, and EDIT feature (activated if you register MCTools, the edit feature is very cool, allowing you to change the messages your programs display, etc.).

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