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SCRAP 2.6 Place text scraps on desktop - fix text formatting, like cleaning up mail forwards and changing case - provides auto-save and auto-naming - a useful distinct category for organizing quotes, clips, thoughts, etc. Retains open scraps even if system crashes. (30 day free trial, $9.95 full registration, 176 KB)    New in version 2.0... color & font selection - re-format mail forwards - auto topic indexing - reminders! - file & web links - many cool features!

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Beyond sticky notes, simpler than calendars, scrap organizes & hyperlinks your personal information automatically!  Create a yellow stick note (or use rotating colors) and it will stay there even after re-starting your computer.  Want to remember an errand or appointment?  A note will pop up at the day and time.  Have multi-subject "to do" lists?  Jump to topics from the menu!  collect files or web links?  Annotate each one with a phrase or a whole paragraph.

Scrap handles little pieces of text you don't know what to do with.  It automatically captures the clipboard when run, and offers to name and save when you exit.  You can change case, re-wrap, remove messy mail forwards, and paste back into your application or mail program.  Handy menu of special characters like £ and ¿.  If it can be done with text, Scrap does it... a lifesaver in the information age!

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