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Text Find 2.91 - Multi-file boolean search & replace - Can't remember where you put something?  Need to organize a lot of documents?  How about changing a URL in two dozen files on your web site?  Text Find does it efficiently with no hassle.  Search your hard drive like searching the web - only better!  Text Find lets you specify not only what to look for, but what to avoid, so you are not inundated with spurious 4-disk award

Easily open search results and go to the line found, no matter what program the file was created with.  Find text even in binary files like music and programs.  See text displayed in context before opening the file.  Even replace text in multiple files!  Much more powerful and convenient than other personal search tools... if you are looking for something, you need Text Find!

Only $9.95 - try free for 30 days - 133 kb download - see also the complete MC-Tools.

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Text Find screen shot

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